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Notification of Reopening of the Library


The Library at the Tobunken has been closed since February 27, 2020 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Following the lifting of the state of emergency in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Library will gradually reopen from June 10, 2020.
For prevention of the COVID-19 infection spread, we changed the opening hours and procedures for use the library. Please see the details below.

Opening hours: Wednesday and Friday, 10:30~16:00
(Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays.)

Seats: Maximum seating capacity is 6
Limit of the request for the materials: 20 items / a day

・For visiting the Library, prior reservation is required. The time period is divided in two; (1)10:30~13:00, (2)13:00〜16:00
・Please make a reservation before your visiting.
・The Library provides only two dedicated terminals (PC) for browsing the Art Catalogue Digital Archive (売立目録デジタル・アーカイブ). If you would like to use it on your visit, please make a reservation.
・You can check the reservation status for the reservation calendar.
・If you are not able to visit the Library on your reservation time, please let us know.

Requests for the visitors
・Visiting is limited for research purpose.
・Please check your temperature and health condition before visiting the Institute.
・Do not enter the Library if you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of illness.
・All visitors are subject to a temperature screening upon entry. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5℃ (99.5℉)or higher will not be allowed in the Institute.
・Sanitize your hands prior to entering the Library by washing them with soap and water in a restroom. Wear a face mask during your visit.
・Wear a pair of nitrile rubber glove on your hands provided in the Library. If you have an allergy of nitrile, please let us know.
・Please feel free to sanitize the desk or other stationaries with the alcohol spray provided by the Library, but please do not apply the disinfection liquid on the library materials such as books, magazines, and photographs because there is a risk to damage them.
・Upon arrival, please write down your name and telephone number for contact in a case of emergency. If anyone who visited the Library and Institute has positive COVID-19 test, we will make a contact with the visitors of the same date and provide the information to the local health authorities as needed. After the fixed period of time has passed, the private information will be deleted.
・No pencil is available for common use in the Library room. Please bring your own pencils.
・Please keep a distance from other visitors of at least 2 meters.
・Please minimize conversation in the Library. Your kind consideration for other aged visitors and person who has a chronic disease would be appreciated.
・To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, the Library operation is managed by reduced numbers of staff than usual. It might take more time to cope the request. Your understanding would be appreciated.
・The regulations might be changed by the future situations. Please check the latest information on our website before your visit.

Library, Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
Tel: 03-3823-4878 (Wednesday and Friday, 10:30~16:00)

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