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December 6 (Sat.) 10:00―16:55
9:30―10:00 Registration
10:00―10:10 Welcome Speech
10:10―10:50 Keynote Address 1 Memory over Object OR Object over Memory Shioya Jun(National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, hereafter noted as Tobunken)
10:50―11:00 Break
Session 1: Confronting Objects/“Originals”
11:00―11:35 Paper 1 An Optical Investigation into Two Masterpieces of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy Ho Chuan-hsing
(National Palace Museum, Taiwan)
11:35―12:10 Paper 2 Muromachi Period Kano Fan Paintings and Song Dynasty “Originals” Matthew P. McKelway
(Columbia University)
12:10―13:40 Lunch
13:40―14:15 Paper 3 Ukiyo-e Paintings and Prints: “Original” for the Ukiyo-e Scholar Asano Shugo
(The Museum Yamatobunkakan)
14:15―14:50 Paper 4 Photography ― A Shared Perception of the “Original” Okatsuka Akiko
(Edo-Tokyo Museum)
14:50―15:25 Paper 5 The Original in Contemporary Art Matsumoto Tohru
(The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
15:25―15:45 Coffee Break
15:45―16:45   Sessional Discussion Coordinators: Aizawa Masahiko (Seijo University)
Yamanashi Emiko (Tobunken)
16:45―16:55 Announcements

December 7 (Sun.) 9:40―16:55
Session 2: “Originals” beyond Objects
9:40―10:15 Paper 1 Grandfather’s Axe: Authenticity and Recreation in Japanese Cultural History: The Case of Uji Bridge Timon Screech
(SOAS, University of London)
10:15―10:50 Paper 2 Shosetsufudoki and the “Genzu”(Original) Womb Mandala Tsuda Tetsuei
10:50―11:00 Break
11:00―11:35 Paper 3 Locating the “Six” Kannon Sculpture Group of Tomyoji Sherry Fowler
(University of Kansas)
11:35―12:10 Paper 4 Transmission and Transitions in Traditional Performing Arts: A Case of the Bunraku Puppet Play Iijima Mitsuru
12:10―13:40 Lunch
13:40―14:15 Paper 5 Sesshu as an Original Being:
Artist’s Image as a Trap
Watada Minoru
14:15―14:50 Paper 6 The Restoration of Buddhist Sculpture: Hollow Dry Lacquer Sculptures at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco Sarai Mai
14:50―15:25 Paper 7 Authenticity and Material Replacement: Concepts of the Original in Wooden Architecture Shimizu Shigeatsu
(National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Nara)
15:25―15:45 Coffee Break
15:45―16:45   Sessional Discussion Coordinators:Katsuki Gen’ichiro (Tobunken)
Morishita Masaaki (Tobunken)
16:45―16:55 Announcements
18:00―20:00 Reception

December 8 (Mon.) 10:00―16:55
10:00―10:40 Keynote Address 2 Originals and Their Preservation: The Potential and the Limitations of Cultural Properties Archives Kato Tetsuhiro
(Kwansei Gakuin University)
10:40―10:50 Break
Session 3: Handing over “Originals”
10:50―11:50 Open Forum Dunhuang Manuscripts and Their Archive Akao Eikei  (Kyoto National Museum)
Mark Barnard (The British Library)
Nakano Teruo  (Tobunken)
11:50―13:20 Lunch
13:20―13:55 Paper 1 The Idea of the Institute of Art Research by Yashiro Yukio and the Sir Robert Witt Library Yamanashi Emiko
13:55―14:30 Paper 2 Traces of Amusement Culture: Optical Investigation into the Hikone Screen and Generation of its Information Emura Tomoko
14:30―15:05 Paper 3 The Activities of the Japan Institute for the Survey and Conservation of Outdoor Sculpture Tanaka Shuji
(Oita University)
15:05―15:25 Coffee Break
15:25―16:35   General Discussion Coordinators: Sano Midori  (Gakushuin University)
Tanaka Atsushi (Tobunken)
16:35―16:45 Closing Remarks
16:45―16:55 Announcements