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Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques

The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques was established as a national center to conduct scientific research on cultural properties. The Center studies environmental conditions surrounding cultural properties and the characteristics of cultural properties by employing scientific methods for their conservation. It also studies the materials, manufacturing techniques and the environment surrounding cultural properties for their restoration, and develops and evaluates necessary restoration materials and techniques. The Center collaborates closely with those actually engaged in the conservation and restoration of cultural properties and their owners.

Conservation Science Section

Conservation Science Section studies the relationship between environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, light and chemical substances, and deterioratioin of cultural properties in order to reconsider safe environmental standards for cultural heritage collections during display, while in storage and while in transit. In order to predict how environmental conditions work in museums and historical sites, research by adopting computer simulation methods is conducted in this Section.

Analytical Science Section

Analytical Science Section places attention on chemical characteristics of the materials used in cultural properties by analyzing them on site. Development of spectroscopic instruments for analyzing organic materials such as dyes is also an important work of this Section.

Biological Science Section

Biological Science Section studies the mechanism of biodeterioration of cultural properties and methods for preventing it. Currently, this Section is focusing on ways to apply integrated pest management system to historical sites such as temples, shrines and archaeological sites, as well as to control microbial deterioration.

Restoration Materials Science Section

Restoration Materials Science Section not only evaluates and improves traditional restoration materials but also develops and evaluates new restoration materials and methods for their application. In order to select appropriate materials for restoration, it also assesses environmental impact on materials.

Technical Standard Section

Technical Standard Section not only researches and evaluates various types of traditional techniques for the restoration of cultural properties but also improves conventional methods. The purpose of these studies is to construct appropriate restoration concepts for the conservation of cultural properties and to contribute to the conservation of Japanese works of art not only in Japan but also overseas.

Restoration Techniques Section (formerly known as Modern Cultural Properties Section)

Today, materials without appropriate techniques for conservation, such as cultural properties damaged by flooding or fire and large, contemporary structures, also require conservation and restoration. Restoration Techniques Section studies conservation and restoration techniques for these materials based on new perspectives.