“Challenging Climate Change through Culture: A Case of Gau Island, Fiji”

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  • “Challenging Climate Change through Culture: A Case of Gau Island, Fiji”

Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties conducted research on the relationship between climate change and safeguarding cultural heritage in the Fiji Islands from 2014 FY to 2016 FY, in the “Networking Core Centers for International Cooperation in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Project; Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage in the Island Countries of Oceania” scheme, which has been commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. This video program was produced as a part of the result of the research conducted on the Gau Island, Fiji, in December 2015.

Chief Editor/ Tomo Ishimura
Filming and Editing/ Masaki Sano
Sound Mixer/ Yoichi Kawaguchi
Music/ Kaoru Hashimoto
Narration (Japanese)/ Aoi Hazaki
Narration (English)/ Michael Corliss

Hiromichi Kubota, Masatoshi Yamafuji, Takao Yoshimatsu, Kana Miyamoto, Kanefusa Masuda, Joeli Veitayaki, Elia Nakoro, Melaia Valemei, Mie University, The University of the South Pacific, Fiji Museum, Islanders of Gau

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