Research and Reports on Intangible Cultural Heritage No.10 (2016.03)

Topics of the Tenth Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Issues Raised through Discussions Futagami Yoko 
Ōzatsuma-ke keizu and Kineya-ke keizu , edited by Kineya Kangorō III Gamō Satoaki 
Films in the Collection of the Department of Intangible Cultural
Heritage and Their Digitization (3): Rush Print of Yukimatsuri
Sano Masaki 
The Relationship between Accent in the Muromachi Era and the Melody of Noh Chant as Verified in the Process of Reproducing “Matsukaze” Takakuwa Izumi
Assumption regarding Accent in the Noh Chant “Matsukaze” in the Muromachi Era Sakamoto Kiyoe 


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