Research and Reports on Intangible Cultural Heritage No.5  (2011.03)

(in Japanese only)

The History of the Protection of Craft Techniques in Japan and Its Present Condition, with Focus on Textile Techniques KIKUCHI Riyo
Transmission of the Traditional Design of Kyoto Ware in the Modern and Contemporary Periods MORISHITA Aiko
Struggle of Traditional Performing Arts in Depopulated Areas HOSHlNO Hiroshi
“Traditional Craftsmanship” in UNESCO 2003 Convention
(Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage)
Investigation of Filmon Endless Sound-Belt IJIMA Mitsuru,
NAGAI Miwako,
Scores of Japanese Music Transcribed by ASADA Masayuki HOSHINO Atsuko
Report on Kabuki Photographs Taken by UMEMURA Yutaka (3) KANEKO Takeshi

Publisher&Editor;National Institute for Cultural Property, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo

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