Research and Reports on Intangible Cultural Heritage No.3 (2009.03)

(in Japanese only)

Manufacturing Methods for Nohkan and Ryuteki as Clarified by Radiography TAKAKUWA Izumi
Aspects of Tsukemono and Tsukegaku in Buddhist Ritual Today: Report on the Investigation of Buddhist Rituals in 2008 KONDO Shizuno
Craft Techniques as Intangible Cultural Heritage: With Emphasis on Textiles KIKUCHI Riyo
Documentation and Preservation of Traditional Textile Techniques: A Case Study of a Reproductive Approach to Materials Applied for a Travel Coat Made of Kudzu Cloth from the Nineteenth Century Japan FUKATSU Yuko
Classic Ceramic Works Studied by Ceramic Artists of Modern Kyoto: What Kyoto Ware Artists Sought in the Midst of Innovation and Revival MORISHITA Aiko
Changes in Folk Events and Their Evaluation: Toba no Himatsuri as an Example OSHIMA Akio
Transmission of the Technique of Tatemono-hanabi: Case Study of the Preservation Society for Tatemono Hanabi at Higashishin-machi, Shinshiro-shi in Aichi Prefecture HATTORI Hiromi
Report on Kabuki Photographs Taken by UMEMURA Yutaka TSUCHIDA Makiko
Inventory of Records Formerly in the Collection of TAKEUCHI Michitaka and Donated by Kunitachi College of Music Library (3) IJIMA Mitsuru

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