Research and Reports on Intangible Cultural Heritage No.1 (2007.03)

(in Japanese only)

Formation of an International Framework for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage MIYATA Shigeyuki
Protection of “Intangible” Cultural Properties II: Integral Comprehension of Cultural Properties Which Are Intangible and Examination of the System of Selection for Documentation OSHIMA Akio
Proposal for the Preservation and Utilization of Visual Documents of Intangible Folk Cultural Properties : Toward a Sharing of Information and the Actualization of Its Use HYOKI Satoru
Toyabure by YOSHIDA HYOJI IJIMA Mitsuru
Study of Exhibitions of Ceramics: How “Skill” and “People” Designated as Important Intangible Cultural Properties Have Been Introduced MORISHITA Aiko
Analysis of the Manufacturing Techniques of Historic Textiles: Scientific Analysis of the Materials and Techniques of Imported Yellow Woolen Textiles and Its Interpretation FUKATSU Yuko
Inventory of Kabuki Postcards and Photographs of Kabuki Actors in the Collection of the Department of Intangible Cultural Properties, Tokyo: Meiji and Taisho Periods UMETADA Misa
Further Study on the Traditional Types of Tsuzumi Body TAKAKUWA Izumi
Transmission of the Techniques for Making Tanabata-uma HATTORI Hiromi
The World of Katsura and Tokoyama of Ningyo-Joruri Bunraku: An Interview with NAGOSHI Shoji KAMAKURA Keiko

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