29th Public Lecture

Techniques of Sato Kagura

Held at the Yarai Noh Theater in Kagurasaka, Tokyo, on November 5, 1998, the 29th Open Seminar featured a performance by the Hagiwara-Kai troupe of the Sato Kagura dance, Kumaso Seipatsu.
Synopsis: Ordered by his father, Emperor Keiko, to subjugate the Kumaso brothers, Prince Ouso (also known as Prince Oguna of Yamato) heads for the Kumaso house dressed in a robe and armed with a dagger provided by his aunt, Yamato-hime. Disguised as a lady-in-waiting, he mingles with the women of the Kumaso household, and suddenly attacks and kills one of the brothers. Impressed by Prince Ousoユs strength, the remaining Kumaso brother bestows upon him the name Prince Yamato Takeru.


Prince Ousu heads for the Kumaso house disguised as a woman
(from the 29th Open Seminar, 1998).


Hagiwara-Kai troupe rehearsing Hanami (Kumaso Seipatsu)

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