5th Conference on the Study of Intangible Folk Cultural Properties

Roles of Museums and Resource Centers in Protecting Intangible Folk Cultural Properties

The Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage holds a conference on the study of discussing various problems concerning the conservation and passing on of intangible folk cultural properties every year. We held the fifth conference with the theme of “roles of museums and resource centers in protecting intangible folk cultural properties” at the seminar room of our Institute on November 18, 2010. While the activities of museums and resource centers have become diversified in recent years, there have been more and more examples of actively struggling to protect and pass on intangible folk cultural properties, regarding them as representatives of cultures in local communities. The conference asked four museums and resource centers nationwide to report on the current status and issues they face, and there was an active discussion based on those reports. The details of the conference will be issued as a report in March 2011.


The detailed agenda for this conference is summarized and issued in March 2011. Please click here, the PDF file of the details of the program (in Japanese) can be downloaded.

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