2009 Study on the Preservation and Utilization of Intangible Folk Cultural Properties

In this study, investigation and research are conducted on intangible folk cultural properties, such as manners and customs, folk performing arts and folk techniques, on the basis of fieldwork. Both the actual condition of and activities for preservation and transmission today are studied.

In order to establish communication with persons concerned, the “Conference on the Study of Intangible Folk Cultural Properties” is held annually.

Osato tanabata odori (Ichiki-kushikino city, Kagoshima prefecture)

Making hassaku dango-uma (Marugame city, Kagawa prefecture)

Conference on the Study of Intangible Folk Cultural Properties

Persons engaged in the administration of the protection of cultural properties, representatives of preservation groups and researchers meet to discuss various issues associated with intangible folk cultural properties. The 5th Conference was held in November.

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