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Capacity Development


Training for museum curators in charge of conservation


 Since 1984, training on conservation science has been organized in Japanese for museum curators to impart knowledge concerning ways to preserve cultural properties in good conditions.

Training for museum curators

連携大学院教育/システム保存学/東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 文化財保存学専攻
Graduate school education on preventive conservation Graduate course organized in collaboration with the Tokyo University of the Arts


 The Institute has been providing a graduate course on preventive conservation in collaboration with the Tokyo University of the Arts since 1995. This course consists of two divisions: one concerning environmental influence on cultural properties and heritage, and the other concerning conservation materials. Six members of the Institute participate as adjunct professors in the program.

The lecture of “Conservation planning”

Overseas workshops on traditional Japanese restoration techniques


 Within the framework of a program to provide cooperation in the restoration of craftworks ware from amongst ancient Japanese art objects held in museum collections overseas that require the use of highly specialized traditional restoration techniques, workshops targeted to conservation experts are held in Cologne, Berlin and Taipei, in order to promote deeper understanding and exchange of techniques related to Japanese conservation methods.

Workshops on the Conservation of Japanese Art Objects on Paper and Silk

Cooperation in capacity development within the projects of Networking Core Centers for International Cooperation on Conservation of Cultural Heritage


 In order to implement international cooperation for cultural heritage in an effective and continuous manner, it is necessary to train human resources of target countries through exchange and cooperation with the local bodies in charge of the protection of cultural heritage. The Institute has been entrusted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the government of Japan to conduct exchange projects with Nepal (FY 2016- ), Turkey (FY 2017-) and Myanmar (FY 2013-15, 17- [re-entrusted by the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties]). Workshops and training courses are held in order to develop capacity and transfer skills and knowledge by both inviting experts from the counterpart countries to Japan and dispatching Japanese experts to the counterpart countries.

Technical assistance is provided for the Rehabilitation of Earthquake Damaged Hanumandhoka Royal Palace in kathmandu, Nepal

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