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Conservation of the mural paintings of Takamatsuzuka and Kitora Tumuli


 Conservation works are being conducted in Asuka-mura, Nara Prefecture for the mural paintings of Takamatsuzuka and Kitora Tumuli. The Institute is involved in investigations and research to work out a conservation policy. Also, in collaboration with the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, the Department is conducting scientific research on the materials used for the mural paintings of each tumulus. Cleaning of the painting surface on Takamatsuzuka Tumulus entered the final adjusting phase, and stabilizing of the plaster has begun. For Kitora Tumulus, the fragments of mural paintings have been reconstructed, and the mural paintings are exhibited in the museum. These conservation works for both mural paintings are based on current study of the restoration materials project.

Investigation of mud-covered plaster fragment removed from Kitora Tumulus

Restoration work on the paintings of Takamatsuzuka Tumulus

Conservation of overseas Japanese paintings


 Paintings of National Gallery of Victoria(Australia) is now under restoration in the Cooperative Program for the Conservation of Japanese Art Objects Overseas. Inscriptions were found on rods of hanging scrolls during restoration. They show that the mounting was done in 1682. It is impossible to reuse the mounting parts because they have deteriorated over a period of more than 300 years and have lost sufficient physical strength for supporting and protecting the paintings. However, they are very important as historical materials because it is not so common that the date of mounting is clear. The Center decided to reconstruct the hanging scroll form with those parts in order to prevent them from being scattered and lost.

Excavations of the terrace structure

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