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 It is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the official website of Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, a branch of the Independent Administrative Institution, National Institutes for Cultural Heritage. I took office as its Director General on January 1, 2019.
 In my view, Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties (TNRICP) currently has four major social mandates. They are: (i) to conduct research on Japan’s cultural heritage comprehensively and share the outcomes inside and outside of Japan, and to serve as the primary center for research on Japan’s cultural heritage, (ii) to help protect cultural properties by offering training and professional advice, (iii) to function as the nucleus of conservation science and restoration techniques, and (iv) to promote international exchange of research on the protection of cultural heritage and to serve as the center for Japan’s international cooperation in cultural heritage protection.
 To fully respond to these mandates, four of TNRICP’s research units, namely, Department of Art Research, Archives and Information Systems; Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage; Center for Conservation Science; and Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation, work energetically and consistently produce solid research outcomes.
 On April 1, 2019, the revised Act on Protection of Cultural Properties will come into force. This marks a rather big change in Japan’s national policy on the conservation of cultural properties and the ways in which they are used. For example, local governments and communities are encouraged to become more involved in the protection and use of cultural properties in their region. We are convinced that we have even more important roles to play in the new framework because the policy on the conservation and usage depends largely on the investigation and research that TNRICP conducts for tangible and intangible cultural properties and other heritage.
 In this context, I renew my commitment to carrying out the duties of managing the Institute efficiently and effectively so that TNRICP achieves further growth as the national center for comprehensive investigation and research on the protection of cultural properties. I look forward to your kind understanding and cooperation.

 SAITO Takamasa
Director General
Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties

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