33rd International Symposium on the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

Restoration of Japanese Paintings
-Advanced Technology and Traditional Techniques-

Registration will start from the beginning of September.
(Details will be provided in the 2nd circular.)

Date November 12 (Thu.) – 14 (Sat.), 2009
Venue Heiseikan Large Auditorium, Tokyo National Museum
Organized by National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo
Statement of Intent

   Much value is placed on Japanese paintings, one of the most significant Japanese cultural properties, not only because of their superior nature as works of art but also because they embody the Japanese sense of values and culture. In order to ensure that such works of art may be appreciated by many people for a long time to come, effectual conservation, restoration and handling are indispensable.

   The restoration of Japanese paintings has been cultivated in the history of Japan using materials and tools suitable for the purpose. This in itself is an intangible cultural property. The repeated trials and errors that have made the restoration of Japanese paintings what it is today still continues, and the techniques involved are improved from day to day by experts engaged in restoration. In fact, this evolution, like innovations in other fields, is occurring at a great speed and scale coupled with the accelerated speed in worldwide transportation and communication. In such a circumstance, need has arisen to review the techniques for the restoration of Japanese paintings once again from various aspects.

   At this symposium, traditional Japanese restoration techniques will be confirmed from diverse points of view, including materials and processes. Furthermore, new attempts will be examined and sharing of knowledge concerning restoration will be promoted. Finally, the situation of the restoration of Japanese paintings throughout the world will be studied.



Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques
National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo
(Masato KATO, Kanako YAMAGUCHI)

Address : 13-43 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8713 Japan

TEL       : +81-3-3823-4922,  Fax: +81-3-3823-4835

E-mail :  symposium2009@tobunken.go.jp

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