Study on the international application of conservation materials and techniques

Problems encountered by cultural heritage are caused by various factors that are interrelated in a complex way. Application of a solution proven effective for a problem in one area might be inappropriate for application to a similar problem in another area. Therefore, optimization of existing materials and techniques to a target area as well as research and development of materials and techniques need to be conducted. From this year, research will focus on mural paintings.
Collaborating with each project, information sharing will be promoted between specialists in Japan and other countries through workshops or study group workings regarding protection of cultural properties.

  • Training course on the first-aid of mural paintings in Turkey
  • Experiments for the conservation and restoration methods for the outer wall of brick temples and training of local conservation experts

Thai Thai
Roof condition survey on a brick built of bagan ruin (Myanmar) A survey of the mural painting at the Kaymakli chapel (Turkey)