International Cooperation for the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Cooperation for the conservation of cultural heritage in Asia

The Asian region, which has a close cultural exchange with Japan, is rich in precious cultural heritage. However, not a few of the countries there still have problems with their systems for the preservation of cultural heritage and/or relevant technology level. How to protect cultural heritage from deteriorating environmental factors and pressures of development as well as conflicts and natural disasters is a common issue of the world. The Institute therefore contributes to improving systems for the protection of cultural heritage and transfer of relevant technologies through technical assistances and research studies in terms of conservation, restoration, management and utilization of cultural heritage in different countries. It has been cooperating with the Fine Arts Department of the Thai Ministry of Culture and the APSARA National Authority of Cambodia for many years. In addition, succeeding and further developing the results of externally funded cooperation projects so far, the Institute is also supporting the protection of cultural heritage in Myanmar and Bhutan. Moreover, it expects to further expand its cooperation activities for the conservation of various types of cultural heritage to such countries as Iran and Armenia.

Thai Thai

On-site training on the investigation of wooden buildings held (Bagaya monastery in Inwa, Myanmar)

Three dimensional photogrammetry data of Ta Nei temple, Cambodia by SfM technique (Cambodia)

The Cooperative Program for the Conservation of Japanese Art Objects Overseas

Many Japanese cultural properties are housed in collections overseas, especially in the West. However, the number of conservators and restorers outside Japan who are able to work on those objects is small. Therefore, conservation treatments cannot be done using appropriate methods at the right moment. The absence of such conservation means that the objects cannot be exhibited and that damage may become extremely severe. In this program, paintings and urushi objects that have been housed in collections overseas are restored.


Survey at Indianapolis Museum of Art
(Indianapolis, U.S.A)

Preliminary research of japanese art object housed in Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Porzellansammlung (Germany)