Research / cooperative activities

  • Joint studies and cooperative projects in East Asia
  • Deterioration and the conservation of remains in Southeast Asia
  • Conservation of Cultural Heritage in West Asia
  • Public System and its Application for Protection of Cultural Heritage in European Countries

Conferences / meetings

  • 34th International Symposium on the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property  (19-21 January 2011)
  • Conference on International Cooperation on Conservation
  • Seminar on the Conservation of Asian Cultural Heritage
  • Workshop on the Public Systems for Protection of Cultural Property

Collection and transmission of information


Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage


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JCICC:>Workshops on the Conservation of Japanese Artworks on Paper and Silk in Berlin   New!


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Workshops on the Conservation of Japanese Artworks on Paper and Silk in Berlin  (25 Feb, 2015)  New!

Concept and Role of the Center

Cultural Heritage is the property of everyone in the world. Neither national nor ethnic boundaries should hinder the work of their protection which must be accomplished through international cooperation.

The Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation plays a role in conservation, enhances collaboration with other institutes concerning protection of cultural property, collects, disseminates and utilizes information on conservation of cultural property in other countries, conducts international exchanges in research related to the conservation and restoration of cultural property, conducts international cooperative projects on conservation and restoration, rescues cultural property in case of disasters, and trains specialists in conservation of cultural property.

It also cooperates with the International Research Sites Section of the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties to conducts international activities by both Institutes smoothly.
Iraq trainees Ta Nei, Cambodia Tang stone lion, China

For more information, please also refer our brochure (PDF, 3.2MB).

Sections of the Center

Resource and Systems Research Section conducts research on cultural heritage protection throughout the world, including concepts, systems and legislations, and the relationshops between heritage and society. Disseminates the results of research to promote international cooperation at national and institutional levels..

Conservation Design Section conducts research on management and utilization plans as well as on the effects of regional development and tourism on cultural property.

Regional Environment Section conducts research on natural historical cultural and/or economical environment that can be effective for the conservation of cultural heritage in the world, and on the methods of conservation of cultural heritage.
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