Department of Art Research, Archives and Information Systems
 To conserve and to share an understanding of the value of cultural properties, documents and image data related to cultural properties are most necessary. The Department of Art Research, Archives and Information Systems organizes archives for the study of cultural properties by collecting materials and images, and makes them available to the public. At the same time, it manages the information system for the entire Institute and is in charge of the Institute's public relations.
 The Department also conducts research and survey on Japanese and other East Asian arts. It compiles and actively publicizes basic and high-quality information necessary for research. The Department has accumulated research materials over the years and has also studied ways to make good use of those materials. It is also engaged in current research issues in art history, aiming to develop a new research methodology and to establish a new discipline on materials in the field of art history. The results of its survey and research are published in various reports, The Bijutsu Kenkyu (The Journal of Art Studies) and Year Book of Japanese Art, and presented at public lectures. In addition, data are publicized on the website of the Institute. Some of the research results are exhibited at the Kuroda Memorial Hall as well.
   Cultural Properties Information Section
 Cultural Properties Information Section establishes the system for publicizing the activities and information of the Institute by creating the website and publishing the Annual Report, Profile and TOBUNKENNEWS. It also manages the network system to keep a comfortable office environment. Furthermore, it is in charge of coordinating requests for cooperation in research from local public organizations.
The Image Laboratory
 The Image Laboratory produces image data that provide various information associated with cultural properties by using the latest digital technology and methods of optical theories, and organizes them to help study and research.
   Archives Section
 Archives Section organizes archives for the study of cultural properties by collecting and organizing documents and image data through the activities of the Library and the Image Laboratory, and makes them available to the public.
The Library
 The Library collects documents and visual materials related to cultural properties, such as books, periodicals, exhibition catalogues and image data. It also conducts digitization of materials and construction of the database of research materials and information. The Library is open to the public three times a week. [ TOBUNKEN Research Collections ] 
   Japanese and East Asian Art History Section
 Japanese and East Asian Art History Section conducts surveys and studies aimed at examining the potential and means of new forms of art research materials, and the explication of the structure of value formation through various developments with the entirety of East Asian art, including Japanese art, as its object.
   Modern/Contemporary Art Section
 Modern/Contemporary Art Section focuses on visual arts produced in Japan from the modern through contemporary periods. Through the diversification of expression and media, international exchange and the globalization of information, this Section will both conduct collection of materials and survey of studies on these art works.
   Trans-Disciplinary Research Section
 Trans-Disciplinary Research Section examines problems among genres, times and areas, and studies art history from a broad perspective in cooperation with researchers in related fields of natural, social and human sciences.