31st Public Lecture:

Techniques of Okina Dance and Song

@For this seminar, which was held at the Yarai Noh Theater in Kagurasaka, Tokyo, on October 31, 2000, lectures on The Characteristics of Okina Sarugaku Handed Down through Folk Performing Arts and The Okina Ceremony in Noh Unorthodox Dance Presentations were followed by comparative performances of the Okina Mai dance of the Kamikamogawa Sumiyoshi Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture, and the Okina-Juni Tsuki Ohrai dance performed in the present age by the Komparu troupe as part of the Kasuga Shrines annual Takigi (torchlight) Noh performance.

The Okina Mai dance of the Kamikamogawa Sumiyoshi Shrine:
a short dance is performed after the long Chichi no Jo narrative.

The Komparu troupes Okina-Juni Tsuki Ohrai dance.
Three Okina actors perform a celebratory dance after exchanging songs on aspects of December.

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