'04 Reserch on Special Performance of traditional Performing Arts

Various data (musical scores, recording, literatures, etc) are collected and surveyed on works and performing techniques rarely staged.

Recording of chants by Mr.jnmcn Ken-no-suke

The Department is studying repertoire which are rarely performed or secretly transmitted. Among them, three special pieces called yomimono in noh were the subject in 2004, and chants by Mr. KONDO Ken-no-suke were recorded at the Recording Studio of the Department.

A photograph of kabuki; ONOE Kikugoro V

Photographs of kabuki actors are one of the most important materials for past stages. The department is collecting and arranging these photographs. This photograph was taken on May 1896 when ONOE Kikugoro V played the title role of gSakanaya Sogoroh.

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