'01 Research on Historical Changes in Purpose and Location of Folk Performing Arts

@The purpose and locations of folk performing arts change as time goes by. In order to comprehend the original state and current state of folk performing arts, two major points are focused in this research : The research on folk performing arts, the historical significance of which is not elucidated yet, and A comparative study between performance in festival and performance in the local situation.

Regarding the historical significance of folk performing arts,bon-odori Performed on Floorboard (Tokushima prefecture) and Dialogue Songs (Akita prefecture) were researched in the field and the related materials were collected in 2001. Regarding the actual situation of festivals, research was conducted and materials were collected at the 40th Kitakami-michinoku Performing Arts Festival (Iwate prefecture), the 9th National Festival of Traditional Folk Performing Arts (Shizuoka city, Shizuoka prefecture). As a subject of comparative study, Kanko-odiri of Hirose (Suzuki city, Mie prefecture) was researched in the field.

Dancing in circle used to be perfomed on floorboard (Handa cho, Mima Country, Tokushima Prefecture)

The 40th Kitakami-Michinoku Performing Arts Festival@

Department of Performing Arts