Mid-level training – Basics and practice for optimizing atmospheric environment

 On December 15 and 16, we held trial training for 40 curators who are in charge of conservation in museums and art galleries: They studied the characteristics of atmosphere and indoor air contamination materials, damage examples, control methods, monitoring plan drafts, and examples of countermeasure implementation.
 We continued difficult lectures and demonstrations, including state-of-the-art research results and technical content, in order to teach the ability to establish specifications for measuring contamination materials, read reports, evaluate the results, and determine countermeasures with architects and air-conditioning engineers. All participants worked diligently and earnestly.
 The provision of a glossary, acquisition of information on necessary equipments and spaces, and other aspects of the workshop were highly regarded, and there were many requests for future disclosure on the Internet (38 of the participants expressed 100% satisfaction).

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