Preparatory team sent to the Republic of Armenia as part of cooperation in safeguarding cultural heritage

Survey of artifacts in the History Museum of Armenia

 The Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation began Cooperation to Safeguard Cultural Heritage in the Countries of the Caucasus as part of the Networking Core Centers for International Cooperation in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Project commissioned by the Agency of Cultural Affairs. This year, the program will operate out of the History Museum of Armenia and teach and train personnel in conservation and restoration of metal and textile artifacts.
 The Republic of Armenia has a number of materials that are extremely valuable historically but cannot encourage research and conservation and restoration as expected due to the lack of financial resources, personnel, educational institutions, and information. The country craves foreign assistance to teach and train personnel in the area of protecting cultural properties.
 A preparatory team was sent to the country from April 3 (Sun.) – 13 (Wed.), 2011. The team consulted with officials of the Ministry of Culture (which oversees museums), it inspected the History Museum of Armenia’s conservation and restoration facility and repository, and team members talked directly with conservation and restoration experts working there about specific details on research cooperation.
 As a result, preparations are currently underway to conclude an agreement and memorandum of understanding with Armenian representatives. Preparations are also underway to begin workshops and joint projects regarding conservation and restoration and scientific study of the metal and textile artifacts in the History Museum of Armenia.

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