2009 Study on Preservation and Utilization of Intangible Cultural Properties

We conducts investigation and research on classic performing arts, traditional craft techniques and conservation techniques for cultural properties by studying their actual conditions and historical changes.

Audio-visual documentation of intangible cultural properties have also been conducted, especially in fields where the necessity for recording is great due to drastic changes in transmission.

Research on the origin of kyogen songs

Many songs are sung in banquet scenes of kyogen plays. These were derived from popular songs in Muromachi and early Edo periods, and classified into 2 groups: those sung rhythmically those that are not. However, by researching various performances and old music scores of Edo period, it is becomes clear that original kyogen songs were all sung rhythmically.

Text of Izumi school

Study on traditional craft techniques

The Okura Museum of Arts has a collection of noh costumes from Bizen Ikeda family, including choken using threads of different colors for weft and warp. It is thought that this technique was used to express iridescent color. By investigating textiles, it is possible to understand the techniques used at the time of their production.

Noh costume, choken. Blind and aoi design on a green ground (Okura Museum of Arts)

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