’00 International Workshop on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

 ’00 International Workshop on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

 An event put on by UNESCO headquarters since 1996, this workshop was held for the first time in Japan in 2001, from Monday, February 19 to Friday, February 23 at Tokyoユs Mita Kyoyo Conference Hall.
TNRICP hosted the workshop jointly with the Japanese National Committee for UNESCO, and the Department of Performing Arts and Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation cooperated in its organization.
The workshop was attended by specialists responsible for the conservation of cultural properties in the following 15 countries: Benin, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ghana, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Participants from each country and UNESCO representatives discussed the conservation of intangible cultural properties such as performing arts and handicrafts, and adopted a resolution calling for their conservation.


Participants listen earnestly as Japanese policies for the conservation of intangible cultural properties is explained.
(Mita Kyoyo Conference Hall, February 21, 2001)


 Participants pose for photographs with members of the Association for the Conservation of Washinomiya Saibara Kagura, an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan.
(Washimiya Shrine, Washimiya, Saitama Prefecture, February 20, 2001)


Participants talk with Okuyama Hoseki,holder of the title Important Intangible Cultural Property for metalwork
(National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, February 22, 2001)

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