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Research on traditional techniques and materials


 The Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Center for Conservation Science have been continuing basic research and study on textile techniques and materials from fiscal year 2014. The project promotes 1) collection of information documented in archival sources which provide basic data for techniques and materials used for textile properties and 2) organization of information regarding natural scientific research on textile properties. In the fiscal year 2017, we conducted a research on techniques of making nikawa (classical animal glue) in the project.

古典膠製造技術の調査 赤牛の皮を川に浸ける
Survey on techniques of making nikawa. soaking red bull hide in a river

同 脱毛後、皮を切る
Cutting the skin after removing its hair

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for analysis of materials constituting cultural objects


 In fiscal year 2017, the Center for Conservation Science introduced a new X-ray fluorescence spectrometer which is dedicated to element analysis for cultural objects with large and complicated structure. Its sensitivity to minor constituents is higher than our Previous instrument. The element mapping is also available with the new spectrometer.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for large cultural objects

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